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Western Food Gili Air @ Bel Air - best beach sunset dinner


We serve you the best Western Food at Gili Air

Bel Air Resort Gili Air

Western Food at the beach

Western Food Gili Air – sounds like sunset dinner in the paradise. And its right.

Listen to the sound of the ocean while you are watching the sun is going down. That games of wonderfull colors with the volcano Mt. Rinjani in the background is an incredible experience, what you will never forget.

And we top it up with our big selection of delicious western food.

Come- enjoy- relax

Indian Food Gili Air exotic

Pasta Gili Air

For example Spaghetti Bolgnese

More Western Food at Bel Air Restaurant

Western Food at Bel Air Restaurant
Western Food Gili Air Resto
Western Food Gili Air Bel Air

European cuisine, or alternatively western cuisine, is a generalised term collectively referring to the cuisines of Europe and other Western countries, as well as non-indigenous cuisines of the Americas, Oceania, and Southern Africa, which derive substantial influence from European settlers in those regions. The term is used by East Asians to contrast with Asian styles of cooking, analogous to Westerners’ referring collectively to the cuisines of East Asian countries as Asian cuisine. When used by Westerners, the term may sometimes refer more specifically to cuisine in Europe; in this context, a synonym is Continental cuisine, especially in British English.

Never miss a sunset with Western Food at Bel Air

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Restaurant Gili Air

Enjoy your Western Food with an amazing sunset in a beautifull sourrounding

Menu Western Food Gili Air


Basil Pesto Chicken  65 K

Fettuccine Chicken Stroganoff  75 K

Penne Carbonara  85 K

Spaghetti Bolognese  75 K

Spaghetti Marinara  75 K

Spaghetti Napolitana  65 K

Main Menu

Chicken Cordon Bleu  85 K

Chicken Parmigiana  75 K

Grilled Chicken  75 K

Ribe Eye  125 K

Tenderloin Steak   135 K

An excerpt from our selection of western food

Don´t miss your romantic dinner at Belair

test our tasty food

Restaurant Belair - we serve more

Restaurant Gili Air Sushi
we serve Japanese Food too

Indian Food

Indian Food Gili Air Belair Resort

Indonesian Food

Indonesian Food Gili Air


Seafood Gili Air
Chef Indian Food Gili Air

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Gili Air Informations


Of the three Gilis, this is the island closest to Lombok. With Gili Trawangan rapidly becoming famous as a party island and Gili Meno primarily catering to couples who want to have their space, Gili Air with its relaxed pace of life attracts social backpackers who prefer to dive, meet other fellow travellers or simply want to chill out. Quite a number of partygoers after being tired from having crazy nights on Trawangan move over to Gili Air to do their dive courses in peace. The island still has more of a rural, established feeling than the other two, and it is no surprise that many locals seem to prefer living on Gili Air, and that it has the highest permanent population of about 1,800.


Most of the accommodation and other tourism facilities are on the south and east coasts, facing Lombok. The boat landing is in the centre of the south coast. A coastal path leads you around the perimeter of the island, and a leisurely stroll all the way around will take about 90 min. For such a small island, the maze of paths that criss-cross the island can get surprisingly confusing, but these always lead back to the coast path eventually.

Gili Air Map

Get in by boat

The sea is calmest in the morning and all transport stops running in the late-afternoon, well before dark. During periods of southerly winds and in July and August especially, the swell can be a bit hairy and you are very likely to get wet on the crossing. It is advisable to place laptops, cameras and handphones in waterproof bags for the crossing. You will need to wade through shallow sea when disembarking, so wear either appropriate footwear, or none at all.

From Bali (for example)

Prices can vary depending on the Season and travel agent or hotel selling tickets so it might be worth shopping around. Normal prices are Rp 300.000 to 600.000 (one-way) and Rp 1,300.000 (return) max in High season .So WATCH OUT and don’t pay more than this !!There is a lot of people overpaying for this service without a proper check before buying the tickets in Bali or checking online directly with the Boat Company.Almost all fast boat operators stop at Gili Air. 

Informations from: wiki travel

Never miss a sunset with Western Food in Gili Air

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6 years Bel Air Resort & Spa Gili Air

Our vision: To be the best 3 star hotel on Gili Air and that Aim of the choice of our guests and employees, which we want to satisfy.

Our Mission: The mission of our hotel is to provide outstanding lodging facilities and services to our guests. Our hotel focuses on individual business and leisure travel, as well as travel associated with groups meetings. We emphasize high quality standards in our rooms and food and beverage divisions.

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